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Ghost Hunting
& Photography

Steve is a professional ghost hunter who has investigated thousands of properties over the UK in search of paranormal evidence. Steve owns Ghost Hunt Events Ltd and can be found investigating most weekends in a haunted venue.
Photography is my hobby. All the photos used on this site I have taken. I have been interested in photography since childhood.

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Steve Moyle

I'm a Professional Ghost Hunter. I have been investigating the paranormal for 18 years and one of my hobbies is now my job. I set up Ghost Hunt Events as a way to investigate the paranormal and after 11 years my company holds over 100 public investigations per year, as well as private events.
I have been designing websites since 1998 and take a keen interest in Social Media. I have the skills to use social media to help businesses (like my own) market themselves to new customers whilst engaging with existing loyal customers.
The Red Arrows, displaying at Eastbourne Airshow


I am a keen amateur photographer of the natural world and enjoy creating unusual views of everyday life. I also enjoy documenting historical sites and locations which I visit in relation to my work.

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The Shard, London with Canary Wharf in the background

Website Design

I have been designing websites professionally for 24 years, although my first website was part of a university project which was inspired by a lecture by Tim Berners-Lee in 1992. (Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web in 1991).

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Typical ghost hunting activity

Professional Ghost Hunter

I have been interviewed on Radio and TV (UK & USA) as well as numerous articles written about my experiences.
Ghost Hunt Events now investigates the paranormal every weekend throughout the UK at haunted locations.

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Fireworks at Leeds Castle, Kent
What can I offer?

Understand what a website can do and how Social Media can help you reach more customers

Long gone are the days of having a website and using the mantra; I have a website, they will come. It doesn't work like that anymore.
You as the business owner (no matter what size you are) have to engage with potential customers through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and entice them to want to visit your website, to sell them your products or services. How you do this depends on your product or service, but essentially you need to have a strategy in place to use Social Media to your advantage, by posting and sharing the right kind of material.
I will teach you what is the right material, what to post/share and when to get the maximum out of your channels and gain customers without buying advertising.

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