About Steve Moyle

I have a Second Class honours degree in Architecture. I am very interested in technology, have a natural ability to understand computers and have a creative passion for photography
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Get to know Steve Moyle

I attended The Polytechnic of Wales in Pontypridd (renamed to The Univeristy of Glamorgan during my course) to study a HND in Building Studies and then Kent Institute of Art & Design at Canterbury to study Architecture.
After graduation from Canterbury, I worked for Architects designing the new Hilton Hotel in Malta. It is here that I changed careers, from Architecture to Information Technology (IT), firstly the design of networks and then on to the design of websites.
I worked for a range of companies including; Hilton Hotels, Eurotunnel, Halfen, Lafarge & Holiday Extras - All in their respective IT departments and all creating either internal or external website solutions.
It has only been through the purpose of creating and managing Ghost Hunt Events, getting people interested in the paranormal and talking to people online that I have been able to understand Social Media and how to use it for business purposes.

Ghost Hunt Events – The creation story
Ghost Hunt Events is the brainchild of Steve Moyle, he has worked in the ghost hunting business since 2004 and has worked for a number of ghost hunting companies. One day, in August 2010 in fact, he decided to create Ghost Hunt Events as he wanted to start his own ghost hunting company and do things a little differently than the other companies.
So, starting with the initial ideas and a few small items of ghost hunting equipment; a KII meter, a voice recorder and a laser pen events were planned. To start, outdoor venues were researched and explored in the daytime to assess their interest or haunting level.
The first event took place in Pluckley woods on 12th February 2011 on a surprisingly warm evening with just seven people. Until the end of the year, Pluckley woods became Ghost Hunt Events' best-selling venue, with seventeen events held there. The first "proper" indoor venue was held at Fort Horsted in Chatham on 11th June 2011. By the end of 2011 Ghost Hunt Events had held 53 events (public and private).
By the end of 2012 Ghost Hunt Events had served 971 customers and held 83 events. Steve had realised during 2012 that his team were just as important as the events themselves and several of the familiar customers were now team members. This process continues to this day, all team members are recruited from customers. Some may attend several events; some may come just the once before Steve asks them to join the team.
A highlight of 2012 was in March when the newly formed team were invited to take part with the US TV crew Ghost Adventures when they investigated sites in the UK. Also in 2012 Steve was invited to talk on a local radio station to talk about the paranormal as well as being interviewed by a number of magazines and newspapers.
In terms of number of events held, 2014 holds the record as in this year over 120 events were held, most of them outdoor venues. Now in 2020 Steve no longer wants to hold outdoor events, as he says he has spent a lot of time getting wet and walking through mud. Just one or two events are now held outdoors.
Ghost Hunt Events now in 2021 is a team of 12 people who have a range of skills and Steve hopes to investigate bigger venues and introduce the paranormal to as many people as he can.

My other passion is photography, having been interested in photography at Truro School in Cornwall, they had their own photography department with a developing studio, which fascinated me, (watching the photograph develop in front of my eyes) and once again during my degree at Canterbury, my photography skills were once agin useful for the Architecture degree.
Now I take photos for my own enjoyment and on the odd occasion sell a print. I am interested in Landscape, Seascape, Night and Astro photography. Although will try my hand at anything.

The Seven Sisters at Cuckmere Haven, Sussex

Sunset at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

The sun setting on Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

A squirrel in Tehidy Woods, Cornwall